‘Litefeet: Sound of the Subway’ Is a Documentary on New York’s Underground Music and Dance Style

Litefeet is a rising music genre and style of dance that has become increasingly popular within the New York subway scene. To document this burgeoning collective, FACT TV and directors Ezra Marcus and KJ Rothweiler present the aptly title Litefeet: Sound of the Subway film.

The genre is highlighted by 100-BPM tracks as well as an acrobatic take on old school b-boy moves and pop-locking. Due to the energetic nature of the music and the moves, police have begun cracking down on the scene, leaving artists sometimes struggling to cope. Throughout the documentary you will get to see and hear from various genre influencers and producers such as Chrybaby, Hann and Kid the Wiz, as they detail the beginnings of Litefeet, the current state and what to expect in the future.

For an interview with the directors of the flick, follow on over to FACT.