New Documentary Looks at Skateboarding & Hip-Hop Connection

JENKEN mag recently stumbled across an unseen documentary from 2009, titled Concrete Jungle. The film is by Eli Morgan Gesner, co-creator of Shut/Zoo York, as it details the connection between skateboarding and hip-hop cultures. It is no secret that these two creative outlets have long since stood alongside one another when it comes to fashion, style and edge.

Word has it that filming for the flick began in 2007 in New York City, before the production company folded the following year. Throughout the documentary, which is narrated by Rosario Dawson, you will get to see and hear from such skate and rap influentials as Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Curren$y, Jim Jones, and Pharrell, amongst others.

Even though the short was done away with in 2008, the footage that remains is still highly intriguing and relevant, and it doesn’t change the obvious ties that skateboarding and hip-hop have long since had with one another.