Mercedes-Benz Introduces a Home Battery of Its Own

Over the past few months, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz’s parent company) has noticeably ramped up its involvement in the sustainability game, with its recent rollouts – the G-Class, for example – strapped with a more eco-friendly approach to building. The latest development from the camp comes in the form of a home battery, an idea first launched by electric automotive frontrunner Tesla. Mercedes’ option is based on cells that store surplus solar energy for home or business use, thereby reducing the need to rely on the traditional energy grid. The company notes that the packs, which store up to 2.5 kWh each, can be combined with up to seven others to create a total ‘plant’ of 20kWh – which is twice the capacity of Tesla’s own “Powerwall” home battery product. While pricing on Mercedes’ offering is still unknown, the brand has made the battery available for pre-order here.