Breitling for Bentley “B06” Chronograph

Swiss watchmaker Breitling has added another timepiece to its Bentley collection, dubbed “B06.” The 49mm chronograph features a more streamlined and compact design than its preceding model, referencing the luxury carmaker via a black and silver body and dial. Its exclusive 30-second chronograph, as seen on the previous model, allows for precise readings of up to an eighth-of-a-second and has been tweaked in-house for greater accuracy. With a water resistance of up to 100 meters and a 70-hour power reserve, the special watch offers up an elegance and ruggedness that is engrained into both luxury brands. A standout detail is the bezel which taps Bentley’s signature radiator grills through a series of evenly spaced ridges. The Bentley x Breitling “B06″ Chronograph is available in steel or 18k red gold iterations and can be paired with Barenia leather, crocodile leather or rubber straps as seen on Breitling for Bentley’s site.

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