Google Launches Free Music Streaming Service

The streaming wars are now in full heat. Following the recent challenge posed by Taylor Swift to Apple Music, Google has just announced that its Play Music streaming service, which to date could host your own music library with the ability to buy tracks or album off its store, would now offer a free ad-supported component. Going forward, users will be able to listen to Google’s expansive archive of songs through curated playlists, as well as create generated playlists based off an artist, a song, or album. For those who don’t mind shelling out some cash, the $9.99 USD per month premium option will remove ads as well as unrestricted online and offline access to Google’s entire music catalog.

Meanwhile, Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service has parted way with its second and interim CEO Peter Tonstad a mere three months after the departure of Andy Chen from the company, with a spokesperson telling the Wall Street Journal that “we are thankful to Peter for stepping in as interim CEO and wish him the best for the future.” With no word on Tonstad’s replacement, TIDAL’s growing pains remain to be seen against the fortunes of tech giants Apple and Google. Stay tuned for any more news, and leave your comments on the whole drama below.