What the Microsoft HoloLens May Look Like

The brainchild of Kinect creator Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s HoloLens is undoubtedly the most interesting development to come from the tech giant in years. Following a hands-on look at the innovation thanks to WIRED a few months back, we’re now treated to another look at the gadget courtesy of Microsoft itself. Here, the company has teamed up with Case Western Reserve University to showcase one of the many ways in which the HoloLens can be used: to teach anatomy and further our understanding of the human body to better prepare the next generation of doctors. Thanks to the HoloLens’ ability to use both voice and gestures to layer summoned data on top of the real world, the video makes one thing abundantly clear: the HoloLens isn’t simply for the consumption of three-dimensional media like other head-mounted virtual reality displays.