Nike SB Debuts ‘Chronicles: Vol.3’ Trailer

Admittedly, Nike SB has come a long way in skateboarding. Its second video – Nothing But The Truth – was projected to be an opus at a time when feature-length videos were all the rage. It wasn’t exactly pre-Internet, but hard copies reigned supreme; Gino Iannucci had more than a minute of footage; household names such as Ishod Wair and Eric Koston weren’t remotely on Nike’s radar. Interesting to dwell on that as Jason Hernandez and Nike SB gear up to release the third installment of its Chronicles video series, which takes select riders from Nike’s sizable roster and films for an extended time frame. A teaser for the video has just released, which finds the likes of Karsten Kleppan, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden and Cory Kennedy mixing it up with legends like Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson and the Frostman himself. The full film will release in December, but for now, enjoy the teaser