Rosenberg’s Tribute to Sean Price

“Alot of people overstate things when people are gone but let me be clear, everyone who followed along always knew Sean Price was one of the great MCs of all time”.

Rosenberg dedicates this week’s Real Late to the late great Megatron Sean. Includes commentary from Combat Jack and Torae, a bunch of P classics and an unreleased cut (26:45) from the Songs In The Key of Price mixtape.

UPDATED: A fundraiser has been started by Duck Down to assist Sean’s family, please check it out here and donate if you can.


According to reports that I have been desperately hoping were untrue, it appears that the game lost a true legend last night. My fucking fingers are trembling as I type this. This is a loss I can’t even begin to comprehend. I don’t think the loss of an artist has hit me like this since I woke up one Sunday morning in 1997 to learn that Biggie had left us.