For Fall 2015, KITH unveils the latest update to its very first apparel silhouette. The resulting Mercer III trouser is built with custom-milled stretch cotton twill, brushed for softness and featuring a substantial weight for fall and winter. The trouser’s distinguishing feature is the ankle cuff, which has been updated with KITH’s unique cinch closure. A strap lines the ankle hem, where different options of tightness are offered via three metal snaps. The first snap offers a classic pant opening, usually worn with boots, while the third snap is ideal for a more streamlined appearance, one that complements athletic trainers. Additional details include an adjustable waistband, black matte zipper pockets and accentuated knee darts. Retailing for $125 and offered in Black, Navy, Cinder, and Army colors, the entire KITH Classics Mercer III Program is available now at KITH’s Manhattan and Brooklyn locations. An online launch occurs tomorrow, September 11, at 11 am EDT.