FEIT Semi Cordovan Biotrainer

Traditionally used on luxury dress shoes, semi cordovan leather has been employed by FEIT’s signature Biotrainer for the very first time this fall. Available in both oxblood and black, the kicks see a sleek leather upper that’s undergone a slow, extensive tanning process — resulting in a softer, stronger, shinier hide — while a padded tongue, molded high-grade leather heel counter and raw edges add to the 100% hand-sewn design. Appropriately, FEIT’s proprietary plastic-free biodegradable sole unit — made of natural latex rubber from the milk of the hevea brasiliensis plant — caps off the sustainable design. Finished with a breathable, moisture-absorbing buffalo leather footbed and limited to less than 200 pairs, the Semi Cordovan Biontrainer is available now via FEIT’s web store while supplies last.