Last year, Ghostbusters fans were graced with the introduction of the ECTO-1 LEGO set and, around that time, rumors began to swirl around a place to park that ghost-fighting wagon. Those rumors look to have been spot-on as LEGO has just released an official look at a new LEGOGhostbusters Firehouse HQ set following leaked images by Toys “R” Us in Canada. To help drive home the impact and scale of the set, LEGO took to the now-famous Hook & Ladder 8 firehouse in New York, which served as the original Ghostbusters HQ, revealing just how magnificent the recreation went. Comprised of 4,634 pieces, the $350 set will include two floors with a lab, living quarters, and – of course – the ghost containment unit. The 14-inch tall set, which launches in January, will also come with nine Minifigures, including Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, and even the library ghost and a zombie ghost driver. The entire structure also opens up for access to play with spots in place for ghosts all over the building and the famed fireman’s pole. The mood slime bubbling up through the sidewalk near the back is a nice touch.