Behind the Lens with Kevin Durant

After a significant injury kept Kevin Durant on the sidelines for a large part of the previous season, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward returns this NBA season with a more mature outlook on how he wants to approach his career. With a slew of concerned fans, coaches and teammates wondering how he is recovering and how he thinks the forthcoming season will unfold, Durant takes a pragmatic approach to the question. On the the arduous road ahead for himself and his team, the former MVP says, “I get asked to predict the future, too. But trying to say how our team’s going to do — that’s other people’s jobs. In an 82-game season, getting ahead of yourself is dangerous. That kind of mindset will punish you. The season is a marathon, man. My job is to play ball. My job is to support my teammates and make them better. My job is to help my team win, not tell the future.” In a recent feature with The Player’s Tribune, the team goes on a preseason trip to Memphis where Durant’s newfound passion for photography allows him to document the excursion with a candid and insightful voice. You can see our selections from Durant’s album above.