Banksy Brings Awareness to France with Steve Jobs Piece

The mysterious Banksy has returned with another one of his unforgettable pieces. This time around Banksy provides awareness in relation to the Syrian refugee crisis by using an image of Steve Jobs. With Jobs being the son of a Syrian refugee, it plays into the awareness being made along with it also being located in France’s widely known Calais refugee camp. Upon its release, Banksy captioned his latest piece with “the son of a migrant from Syria” on his website. Jobs is represented by Banksy while holding one of the original Macs with a sack-like bag in his other hand. View the piece above and stay tuned for more from Banksy.

One thought on “Banksy Brings Awareness to France with Steve Jobs Piece

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    Due to the complexities which humans have created in the world, migration is a norm, whether you migrating within your own province, country or continent, we migrate for better opportunities in the optimism of having a better life. The message which being portrayed through this art signifies the importance of migrating. If Steve never moved to America, Apple inc may have never existed, we would be so behind technologically, and it would affect so many aspects of our lives. education, communication, music, film and the list goes on.

    I appreciate this piece of art because it explains the importance of migration whether as a refugee or as a person who is just looking for a better life.


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