Rolls-Royce “Red Diamond” Ghost

Rolls Royce has unveiled a special bespoke model of its “compact” Ghost model in a new “Red Diamond”-monikered vehicle. The individually customized 4-door sedan features a gawk-worthy Red Velvet exterior contrasted with a brushed aluminum hood that flows over the front-facing grille. Red matching accents are found along the double-spoke sports alloys to give just a bit of styling flair, rather than going over-the-top and painting the wheels more than it needs to be colored. As for the interior however, “over-the-top” appears to be an understatement as the wood veneer contains 41 individual diamond stones that are hand-set into the geometric open pore inlays for maximum glitz and glamour for the occupants. Paired with a tan rich leather interior, the environment is two-toned with red stitching and piping that once again harks back to the vivid red velvet exterior. No mechanical upgrades are found with this model which solidifies the satisfaction that the Saudi Arabian owner has with the Ghost’s twin-turbo 6.6 liter V12 and 0-60 speed of under five seconds. Check out the gallery images above and for more one-off Rolls-Royce eye candy, learn about how this Wraith pays its tribute to the time-honored sport of Rugby.