Andre 3000 Trolls Rap Fans About New Music

Andre 3000 Trolls Rap Fans About New Music

In a rare new Q&A with Billboard, Andre 3000 speaks on his role on the upcoming second season of ABC drama American Crime, his recent collaboration with Erykah Badu and his aspirations as a filmmaker. He also managed to unintentionally troll his entire fan base with vague comments about maybe, sometime in the future, possibly dropping a new project.Andre 3000 Trolls Rap Fans About New Music

Is Andre 3000 ever going to Rap seriously again? I can’t call it, but it’s possible. He’s good for a guest verse or two every year or so. He probably still enjoys writing and he’s still relatively good at it. You know what he’s probably not going do anytime soon though? Put out a solo Rap album.

I just don’t see that shit happening. He tells interviewer Adrienne Gaffney that he likes acting because it gives him time to “think about music.” Does that sound like a guy who’s motivated to make an album? That sounds to me like a guy who likes to act and think about stuff at great length. But then in the same breath, he says he’s been in the studio working on new material that he promptly declines to discuss in any kind of detail.

He’s a smart guy and he knows that whatever he says about this topic is going to be dissected for hints about his possible next move. And so he tries valiantly not to troll his fans, while simultaneously trolling his fans so hard:

Can you say what you’re working on or with whom?
I can’t say that I have a target right now. I’ve gotten in trouble before for saying when or what is coming, so I like to just kind of let it be. I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see.

LOL, stop trolling b. He goes on to shout out KiD CuDi’s new album and says he’s always listening to a bunch of jazz. Mark my words, if we ever get another project out of Dre, it’s gonna be some experimental jazz, R&B, psychedelic soul-fusion gumbo with not nary a Rap verse to be heard anywhere. And that’s cool. It’s certainly his prerogative, and it will probably be dope. But those of us who are fans of Andre’s rap skills need to understand that this man would almost certainly rather be writing screenplays than rap verses and not to get our hopes up.