Segway Unveils the Personal Robot of the Future

While Segway no doubt inspired the hoverboard craze that dominated pop culture this year, it was also its biggest loser given its own failure to gain significant traction in any way. In a new effort to reinvent itself, Segway has partnered with Intel and Xiaomi to unveil a personal butler on wheels, the Advanced Personal Robot, at CES 2016. While users will be able to ride the motorized scooter like any other Segway, the innovation is in the personal assistant side of things. The robot is equipped with an Intel RealSense RGB-D camera which able to sense depth, recognize and track objects, while its connectivity also allows you to control other smart home appliances with simple voice commands. A developer’s edition will be shipped in fall 2016, while mass production will begin in early 2017. Find out more about this vision of personal robotics online here.Segway Unveils the Personal Robot of the Future