WeWork Introduces WeLive

It seems that the next trend for coworking spaces is to open co-living spaces. Envisioned as an extended perk on top of what already comes with a coworking membership, leading start-up WeWork has opened its first co-living building. Located at 110 Wall. St., about 80 members and employees have already moved in. Eventually, the building will house around 600 people on 20 floors. The first seven floors of the building are WeWork office spaces for coworking.

Perks of the co-living space include events, fitness classes, laundry services and a digital social network, where everything can be coordinated on an app. According to a WeWork spokesperson, “We are in the early stages of beta testing a new, community-driven living concept in New York City. This concept is another layer of our platform focused on enabling people to live more fulfilling lives. During this testing phase, we’ll be listening to feedback from our community.”

Among the 200 units, most are studio while there are also one- and two-bedroom layouts. All come with a private kitchen and at least one bathroom. They’re fully-furnished and set up with cable and Internet in addition to a monthly cleaning (all included in the rent). Every floor has a common area, including yoga studios, movie theaters and more. Additionally each floor will have a community manager who will plan events.

What do you think of this idea? While WeLive isn’t the first coliving space, it definitely marks a shift in the idea of coworking and what makes the perfect living quarters.