BandPage, has been acquired by YouTube

BandPage, a startup whose goal is to make it easier for artists to connect with their fans, has today announced that it has been acquired by Google’s YouTube. “More than 500,000 musicians use BandPage to reach & build deeper relationships with music lovers everywhere,” the company says, and now it’s going on to build those relationships for YouTube instead…

Today we take a big step forward in our mission to create a better future for musicians around the world. We are very excited to announce that BandPage is joining YouTube, a move which dramatically accelerates our shared goal of helping musicians everywhere thrive.

BandPage is dedicated to helping musicians build their careers by growing their fan bases and increasing their revenue on the largest digital music services in the world. By joining forces with the team at YouTube, we can help artists reach their fans in more powerful ways than ever before.

Basically, BandPage allows artists to more easily keep all of their info updated across several music and social platforms, like Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube. Artist’s info was pushed to all of the world’s most popular services when their BandPage was updated, and they could sell exclusive meet & greet packages and tickets through the BandPage store. BandPage claimed that this helped artists reach more fans and in turn sell more merchandise and tickets.

It’s not exactly clear what this will translate to at YouTube, but it makes sense considering YouTube’s push to be your one-stop-shop for music and media. For $10 per month, you can get YouTube Red which gets you exclusive content and unlimited ad-free music streaming.