The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard Can Withstand Assault Rifle & Explosive Attacks

Antsy rappers now have their salvation in the form of the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard, a top-of-the-line sedan that offers the highest level of ballistic protection available in a civilian vehicle. As the first car to qualify for VR10 protection rating, the Guard can resist hardened steel core bullets shot from an assault rifle, while its ERV 2o10 certification guarantees protection against explosive ordinances. Otherwise, the Guard is perfectly capable as a getaway vehicle, boasting a twin-turbo 6.0 V12 engine capable of 523 horsepower, while the luxurious cabin features executive-style rear seating, a cabin fragrance system, and Burmester 3D surround sound. The Magic Body Control active suspension system also ensures that you won’t feel a thing driving over any number of IEDs.