UberMOTO – Uber’s Motorcycle Taxi Service

Uber adds to its growing list of on-demand services with the unveiling of ‘UberMOTO,’ a motorcycle taxi service “specifically developed for cities in emerging markets.” The pilot service will initially be rolled out in Bangkok where the average daily commute takes approximately 2 hours due to the heavy congestion on its streets, which welcomes over 1,500 new cars every day. An increasingly popular way to circumvent the traffic is by using motorcycle taxis. Fares will start at 10 TBH (approximately $0.30 USD), and will increase by 3.5 TBH (approximately $0.10 USD) per kilometer or 0.85 TBH (approximately $0.025 USD) every minute, which you can pay for using either cash or credit. Uber’s biggest competitor in Southeast Asia, Grab, already offers a similar service in Bangkok, Vietnam and Indonesia so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the San Francisco-based company rapidly expand its operations in the coming months. Get more information here.

UberMOTO - Uber's Motorcycle Taxi Service