In-N-Out Burger is Set to Change its Burgers

Everybody knows that In-N-Out isn’t afraid of change, with a secret menu consisting of over 80 special customizations. But the franchise is set to make a big change to its burgers, one that surprisingly moves towards a healthier meal. VP of quality for In-N-Out; Keith Brazeau, noted that the localized franchise is set to switch to beef that hasn’t been treated with antibiotics. The announcement has come just after investigations have been launched into the issues with meat and other foods that have been treated with human grade medications. The medicine is usually introduced to the meat so it can kill bacteria on its surface, however more and more strains of bacteria may develop an immunity to the antibiotics, effectively creating a stronger and antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria. In-N-Out will join other chains like McDonald’s and Shake Shack who have both made the move to anti-botic free meat.

In-N-Out Burger