Tesla and Google Glass using Technology to make better Technology

Google Glass didn’t entirely meet its projections after release, yet the progressive device has now found an ulterior purpose with one of Google’s most famous customers.

A report suggests that Tesla is using Google’s “Google Glass Enterprise” at its Fremont factories. This finding was confirmed by APX Labs, a company that provides software for smart glasses. It used images of Tesla’s factory as stock imagery on its website and lists the electric car company as a client. In another image from the company, its Skylight software is being used in a factory with multiple Tesla Model S vehicles.

You may be asking, “who cares?” Well, with Tesla’s plans to up production to 500,000 vehicles a year by the end of the decade, small technological aids like this could potentially revitalize the Google technology in another arena. APX’s website states that its software results in 25 percent improved overall productivity as well as 30 percent fewer errors and 20 percent greater uptime. Optimizing productivity is a concern for all employers, and Google Glass might just be showing up in more factories.tesla-google-glass-efficiency-1