PUMA and ALIFE – Latest Collab

There isn’t much that’s scary or dangerous about downtown Manhattan these days. Ever since former mayor Rudy Giuliani and ex-NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton cleaned up and pacified the central city’s central borough in the mid ’90s, neighborhoods like the East Village and the Lower East Side have transformed into gated communities for the global ultra-rich and Sarah Jessica Parker wannabes.

They weren’t always like this, though. In the ’70s, pamphlets stamped with “Welcome to Fear City” warned tourists about the dangers of venturing downtown, and how to avoid becoming victims of crime. ALIFE harks back to these bad old days in the second part of its SS16 PUMA collab, using content taken from these NYC survival guides as inspiration.

The collection includes the Olympic Track Savannah jacket and pants, Olympic Logo tee and Olympic Running tee all emblazoned with the survival guide’s text and artwork. Two sneakers, a R698 and Blaze of Glory feature as well.

Scheduled for an April 16 release, the collection will be available from END. Clothing, Foot Patrol and Chimp.