Pornhub Launches BangFit to Help You Get Fit by Sexercising

It’s no secret that having sex helps the mind and the body. Simply put, it works out more muscles on average than most people get in a daily visit to the gym.

Accordingly, Pornhub is looking to help you remain fit by doing just that, sexercising. Now they’re introducing BangFit, the fitness method “that gyms don’t want you to know about.”bangfit

The exercise platform allows you to select the number of participants and the gender, and in turn “work out” with the instructional videos. The objective is to sexercise along with the clip, copying each movement in order to get your muscles working. Oh, and you actually get to rack up points for your technique, as the better you coordinate your moves, the more points you get.

Who needs the gym anyway? Head on over to BangFit to star sexercising today.

“You won’t be pumping iron, but you’ll be pumping, nonetheless.”