Google’s Modular ARA Phone Is Still in the Works

Google previously announced “Project Ara,” a modular smartphone where various pieces of hardware could be clipped on for a myriad of uses. Well, we haven’t heard much from the project for awhile, but it’s far from dead. In fact, Project Ara has its own business unit within Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, and the group’s Head of Creative Blaise Bertrand confirmed Project Ara’s progress. The phone will be available in Q4 this year for developers, with a consumer release in 2017.Google's Modular ARA Phone Is Still in the Works

The prototype that was shown on stage at Google’s I/O was considerably thinner and sleeker than when it was first announced. It will support up to six modules, and is dubbed the “world’s first UniPro network.” But of course, the phone will only be as good as the modules available. Luckly, partners and companies interested in the project include E Ink (possibly for tiny secondary displays), Toshiba, Gotenna, and Sony Pictures. Check out the video above to learn more about the modular phone. Would you want one?