Instagram Introduces New Business Tools

Instagram is rolling out new features for business profiles. Users can upgrade their accounts to gain access to an expanded set of features, which include the ability to let customers reach out via phone, emails or texts. Additionally, business profiles will include maps and directions to the store if applicable. Not all users will be able to upgrade to a business Instagram account though — you need a functioning Facebook Business page in order to qualify. This verification is to ensure that businesses are legitimate, and so that self-promoters or popular Instagram accounts who don’t have a commercial interest won’t be able to access these new features. Instagram may change this rule in the future, as it’s currently just rolling out for testing with verified accounts and those with large followings.

Instagram Introduces New Business Tools

A covetable new function is Insights, where businesses will be able to track which posts are doing well among other details about their audience. It will show businesses what their top posts, reach, impressions and engagement in addition to data on followers such as gender, age and location. Another function is mobile ad creation, where users can turn popular posts into ads. The app will also be able to provide suggestions based on audience and budget requirements.

Anticipate Instagram Business profiles to roll out in the US, Australia and New Zealand soon, with other regions by the end of the year.

instagram new business tools