Starbucks’ New Coffee Inspired by Guinness Beer

Seattle coffee giant Starbucks is gearing up to introduce Nitro Brew coffee to its already extensive menu. The new item is another iteration of cold coffee available — ice coffee is your traditional cup of joe poured over ice, while cold brew is produced by soaking the coffee beans for an extended period of time. Nitro brew, thus, is coffee injected with nitrogen for a “creamy, smooth” texture that can’t be reproduced by the aforementioned methods.Starbucks

CEO Howard Schultz told CNNMoney that Nitro Brew “almost comes out like a Guinness beer. These are craft products, not dissimilar to the trend of craft beer.” Along with Nitro Brew, Starbucks will also introduce a cold bar for the summer, a “vanilla sweet cream” topping, a new double shot chilled espresso, and more. Expect these new offerings to hit 500 locations across the U.S. in the upcoming weeks.