Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at Steph Curry’s New Sneakers in This Commercial

Twitter folks have been quick to criticize Steph Curry’s latest signature sneakers, the Chef Curry 2 Low. Designed to enhance performance while on the court, the white pair feels more “Normcore” than NBA-ready. Users on the social media space went as far as renaming the player models, and some standouts include “The Walmart Greeter XVIIs,” “The I’ve Got Bingo 11s” and “The Neighborhood Watch 2s” — all alluding to the senior citizen-geared profile of the design.Jimmy Kimmel

Capitalizing on the backlash, Jimmy Kimmel Liveproduced a commercial poking fun at Under Armour’s newest release. The skit presents the Chef Curry 2 Low as a sneaker for dads, which can be used to perform a number of “dad-specific” tasks like “cleaning the gutters” or “walking around the neighborhood at a moderate speed.” Watch the video above to see the full commercial.