Kanye West Produced An Album For The Rapper Who Freestyled For Him On The Street

As an unsigned rapper, it is of course a dream to get discovered and be able to release your own music. If you are getting discovered by Kanye West, that is of course an even bigger honor. That is exactly what happened to Cameron Grey last year. He ran up to Kanye and freestyled for the rapper and music producer. The video, caught by TMZ, went viral last year and today we can report that not only did Grey record his first studio album, it is actually produced by none other than Kanye West himself. West hooked up Grey after the meeting with studio time and his own Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer. His album Cocaine Ferrari is about to be released and he also went ahead and launched a virtual reality experience for his track “Never Bout Us.” Apparently dreams can become reality!