KAWS Launches New Large-scale Wooden Sculptures for Art Basel 2016

For Art Basel 2016 in Switzerland, Brooklyn artist KAWS returns with yet another impressive series of works for More Gallery. Having worked with the gallery for the first time in 2013 on a series of large-scale wooden works, the artist once again presents his iconic Companion character as massive wooden sculptures, this time in a darker tone wood. EntitledTogether and Good Intentions, KAWS showcases two hugging wooden Companion sculpture sets in the impressive industrial setting of More Gallery in Giswil in Switzerland. The wooden sculptures are broken up in the space by several completely new glass works of the artist. Once again the artist transforms his signature work into large 3D works, bringing them further to life through new technology. The ex turbin hall set against beautiful Swiss nature is a nice backdrop for this latest work by the artist. More Gallery will host the KAWS exhibition until August 28, 2016. Make sure to pass by if you are in the area!

More Gallery
Unteraastrasse 42
CH-6074 Giswil

Photography: Sasha Bogojev