Common, Gregory Porter & Keyon Harrold – Running (Refugee Song)

As of this month, there are over 65 million people around the world who have been displaced by conflict or their desire to escape persecution. I read that number in a headline yesterday and was astounded. Half of those people are innocent children. We are extremely fortunate in America to be so far removed from this reality that most of us probably don’t even realize this is going on.Common, Gregory Porter & Keyon Harrold – Running (Refugee Song)

If people like Donald Trump have their way, none of those refugees will be allowed to seek asylum here because some of them are scary brown Muslims. That is absurd and runs counter to everything this country is supposed to be about. Common, Gregory Porter, Keyon Harrold and Andrea Pizziconi look to raise awareness about this ongoing crisis with their new song and video “Running (Refugee Song)” which you can watch above. You can help now by going here and making a donation to download the song. It’s a small gesture, but it’s something .