Look Into Michael Vick’s Life and Troubled Past With New Documentary

Love him or hate him, Michael Vick is a name that is embedded into the sports world. Some may know the name from his electrifying moves on the football field while others may be more familiar with Vick’s animal abuse convictions. Bleacher Report has recently dipped into the past of Vick with its brand new exclusive documentary, aptly titled Vick. Currently premiering as a series to some and in full-length to those who have the Bleacher Report App, its first installment takes us back to Michael’s younger days as he transitions from being a high school standout to possibly following the footsteps of Donovan McNabb at Syracuse at the time. Eventually choosing Virginia Tech above all, check out the documentary’s first chapter above for an inside look at Vick’s beginnings stemming from the crime-filled area of Newport News, Virginia.Look Into Michael Vick's Life and Troubled Past With New Documentary