Garmin Has Launched the Luxury Fenix Chronos Smartwatch

The wearables market is an interesting one. You have on one hand smartphone makers battle for the crown in the smartwatch market and on the other hand brands like Suunto, Garmin and others, that come from the tech and sports world that of course also want to leave a mark. While design and overall functionality has been more interested to date in the Samsung and Apple smartwatches, Garmin and Suunto have been able to remain very relevant in the sports market and also have a lot more experience in that field of course.

Garmin has launched this week its new Fenix Chronos luxury smartwatch. Garmin took its popular Fenix 3 HR, add some premium materials and made the case thinner. With prices ranging from $900 to $1500, the watch comes in two steel options and a titanium option, and the band options include vintage leather, brushed stainless steel, and brushed titanium. A nice little idea by Garmin was the addition of a silicone bracelet for each model, so you can always swap when you go work out. Just like the Fenix 3 HR, the Fenix Chronos includes an integrated wrist-based heart rate monitor and much more. The GPS smartwatch is suitable for many sports, including golfing, skiing, running, rowing, featuring an altimeter, barometer and a compass. It also comes with advanced running dynamics and physiological metrics.