G-Star RAW Unveils Its First Campaign Under Pharrell’s Creative Direction

Ever since assuming co-ownership of G-Star RAW back in February, Pharrell Williams has steered Amsterdam-based denim brand towards a more eco-conscious direction by pioneering the construction of denim from recycled plastic from the sea in his “RAW for the Oceans” initiative. Now, G-Star RAW has unveiled an exclusive first look at its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign — the first to be conceived under Pharrell as the company’s Head of Imagination. “G-Star and Pharrell offer a look behind the curtain to explore the concept of ‘RAW,’” said a brand spokesperson via email. “They step beyond the product to tell the story of the brand itself and the people behind it.” This much is concisely represented by the main family portrait of the creative team, with Pharrell himself seated at the center.

As exhibited by RAW Gallery at the brand’s Amsterdam headquarters, Skateboard P looks to expand the our conception of denim by using it in everything from jumpsuits and deconstructed women’s blazers, to wholly unconventional products such as a teepee and jockey outfits. Stay tuned for more from G-Star RAW as Pharrell works more of his magic in the next few months.

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