Apple Introduces Its Wireless AirPods

Let’s be honest: even though many have speculated that the biggest reason Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ditch the tried-and-true headphone jack is for improved water resistance, the realreason it’s gone is so Apple can convince you to buy its brand new AirPods: the newly unveiled wireless version of the standard EarPods.Apple Introduces Its Wireless AirPods

Driven by a brand new, custom-designed Apple W1 chip, the AirPods connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac of choice via Bluetooth-like technology, automatically turning on and connecting to the device when removed from their charging case. Best of all, they utilize optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they’re in your ears, playing audio automatically when inserted and pausing when you take them out. If you need to adjust the volume, change a song, make a call, or get directions, all you have to do is double-tap to activate Siri and then go from there. And since the W1 is an ultra low-power chip, you can bank on more than 24 hours of listening time in a full charging cycle. Meanwhile, a quick 15-minute charge in the case will already offer up three hours of battery life.

Apple’s AirPods are due out this October for $159 USD.