‘Forbes’ Names Its 2016 “Hip-Hop Cash Kings”

After topping Forbes‘s “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list last year, Diddy once again reigns supreme in 2016.'Forbes' Names Its 2016 "Hip-Hop Cash Kings"

Forbes introduced this year’s version of the list today, and 2016 echoes much of what 2015 brought. Diddy and Jay Z once again appear in the top two spots at $62 million USD and $53.5 million USD, respectively, while the third and fourth spots have switched with Dr. Dre bringing in $41 million USD this year compared to Drake’s $38.5 million USD. Finally, Wiz Khalifa rounds out the top five at $24 million USD. Kendrick Lamar and Pitbull were the only new entries into the top 10 (in the ninth and seventh spots, respectively), essentially replacing Kanye West (who comes in at 11th) and Eminem in the top 10. Like last year’s list, 2016 “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” ranking were “based on data from Nielsen SoundScan, Pollstar, the RIAA and from interviews with managers, lawyers, executives and a handful of the artists themselves” and named based on “pretax income from touring, record sales, streaming, publishing, merchandise sales, endorsements and other business ventures.”

Check out the top 10 below and head on over to Forbes‘s websitefor its entire feature.

Forbes‘s Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2016

1. Diddy — $62 million
2. Jay Z — $53.5 million
3. Dr. Dre — $41 million
4. Drake — $38.5 million
5. Wiz Khalifa — $24 million
6. Nicki Minaj — $20.5 million
7. Pitbull – $20 million
8. Pharrell Williams – $19.5 million
9. Kendrick Lamar — $18.5 million
10. Birdman — $18 million