Beanie Sigel Performs “Beanie (Mack Bitch)” in Philly

This past Friday night, the Bad Boy Reunion Tour swung through the City of Brotherly Love and Puff brought out hometown hero Beanie Sigel for a rousing performance of “Beanie (Mack Bitch)” that lit the venue on fire. Following the performance he declared, “The real king of Philly is back!” Indeed he is.Beanie Sigel Performs “Beanie (Mack Bitch)” in Philly

Meanwhile, a video has surfaced that purports to show Beans helping Omelly with his verse on Meek Mill’s recent response record to Game. In a phone interview with an Atlanta radio station, Beans strongly implies that he helped Meek write his lyrics on the track as well.

I don’t know, that studio video and Beans comments don’t necessarily prove anything to me as far as Beans writing lines or verses for Meek or Omelly. Artists help each other with wording and delivery in the studio all the time. But given the nature of Meek’s beef with Drake over ghostwriting, I can see how it may look suspicious to some.

TMZ got this video of Beanie laid out backstage … shortly before he was getting onstage Saturday night for Diddy’s Bad Boy Family concert in Philly. You can also see a guy getting dragged out of the area … his name is Teefy Bey, and he’s a member of Meek’s Dreamchasers.

Teefy’s copped to throwing the KO punch, and claims Beanie had to go down because he broke the “code of ethics on the street.” He doesn’t get more specific.
via TMZ

Meek’s man Teefy talks about everything in this video from HHS1987