The Honda Civic Type R Is Coming to America

The new model year sees the hatchback version of the Civic making its long-awaited return to the U.S. and now another brand new Honda is hitting American soil: the Type R is coming stateside for the very first time. Unveiled in concept form, the upcoming vehicle is, naturally, a sportier take on the more traditional hatchback. An overhauled body kit of brushed aluminum and carbon fiber is joined by a scooped hood — which likely leads to a top-mounted intercooler — while an engine rumored to be capable of as much as 340 horsepower appears beneath. Other changes include wider tires and a massive rear wing while three tailpipes — including one covered in red — highlight the back of the car.

Check out the concept above and stay tuned for an unveiling of the production model early next year. And if the production model — due out in the latter half of 2017 — goes the same route as the normal hatchback, then we’re in for a treat: the hatchback out on the road now is virtually identical to the aforementioned hatchback concept that debuted in March, thus suggesting that what you see above may actually be pretty close to what you get.