BAPE Gets Artist Adam Lister for an Exclusive Collection

New York-based artist Adam Lister is widely-known for reimagining famous artworks and pop culture characters with his watercolor paintings. Lister’s modulated approach to his artwork imbues futuristic vibes — mimicking 8-bit color graphics normally found in retro/classic video games. Not long ago, A Bathing Ape recruited the artist for an exclusive collaboration that features T-shirts and miniature paintings inspired by iconic BAPE designs. The offering sees a set of four tees alongside Lister’s original artwork that heavily culls influences from the Cubist movement.

“My paintings are pixelated deconstructions of subjects that hold a collective familiarity. Similar to geometric hallucinations, my ideas are broken down and reassembled to present an alternate perception of an image. These pictures exist at the intersection of cubism and 8-bit video games. Each painting treads a fine line between abstraction and representation. My work is heavily influenced by mathematics, minimalism, and pop culture,” said Lister regarding the collaboration.

Look for the Adam Lister x A Bathing Ape collection to release this October 8 at and select stores.