In honor of its 100th anniversary, BMW Group rolled out its Vision Next 100 program, encompassing four brands and their futuristic concept vehicles. We’ve already seen contributions from BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, and now it’s BMW Motorrad who gets its star turn. The division’s all-electric motorcycle concept is definitely worth the wait. The stunning design shows off a sleek, curved black body made to resemble a naked bike, while the electric power system (the details of which have been kept under wraps) is housed in chrome.

The unique construction includes a Flexframe: instead of a pivoting fork, the driver steers by twisting the entire frame to rotate the front wheel. The faster the speed, the more force needs to be exerted to maneuver. The seat, upper frame, and most of the fairings are made from carbon fiber. A self-balancing feature keeps the bike upright even when parked, and a “digital companion” is able to predict emergency situations to avoid accidents. BMW says that the bike will be safe enough that the rider won’t need to wear a helmet; instead, there’s a special virtual reality-like visor that projects information ahead of the eyes. There’s imagery projected from a rear-view camera, and riders can control the display by looking up or down.

Finally, there’s an accompanying special suit that can heat or cool the rider, depending on the weather. It also vibrates the rider’s arms or legs to signal the direction of an upcoming turn, and automatically inflates to support the neck at high speeds.

Check out more looks in the gallery below.