Every skate mecca has its OG crew, spots, stories and legends. For New York City, the Brooklyn Banks is it, one of the most iconic skate spots in New York, if not the world. This Fall, DQM has collaborated with Japanese artist Koji Yamaguchi to create a capsule collection to pay homage to the Banks and New York’s greatest skate spots. The collection includes three t-shirts in two colors each and a limited edition skateboard with original artwork created by Yamaguchi exclusively for DQM. The collection is available online and at The Vans DQM General in New York now.

With a deep respect for his grandfather, a landscape painter, and his keen interest in skateboarding, Yamaguchi developed his ‘original technique’ drawing style as a new approach to street art. What looks at first glance like a landscape painting is actually an intimate story of street skating. Painstakingly thought out, sketched, and collaged with pieces of trash and notes found on the street, he frames the urban environment in terms of places to skate, stairs to hit, legendary spots and stories. His mission is to paint skate spots to help keep them alive. Yamaguchi’s ‘original technique’ utilizes sepia ink pen, black ink, crayon and coffee dyed paper.

The original artwork by Koji Yamaguchi for this collaboration, as well as many more of his original paintings, are on display now at The Vans DQM General in Soho, New York.