will.i.am Releases Buttons Earphones With Help From Kendall Jenner

While Buttons sounds like what your grandmother would call her kitten, the new tech release is anything but. Ideated by musician-turned-entrepreneur will.i.am, Buttons is a new Bluetooth-enabled, battery-charged set of earphones that wraps around your neck when not in use with a snap of two magnets. They’re like the plastic sunglasses with magnetic ends you throw on for golfing or surfboarding, except shinier and more tech-y. When worn, Buttons looks like giant stud earrings, which may or may not be a good thing depending on personal taste. Colors come in four ways to match the new iPhone 7 (but Buttons is also compatible with Android), and plans are to expand Buttons into a series of other smart earphones that look more like choker necklaces and even jacket collars. The accessory is certainly backed by big names: its campaign faces are Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, and Shaun Ross, with fashion direction by André Leon Talley, and investments from Kering. Buttons earphones are available starting November 2 for $230 USD here.