Reddit Users Got Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts from Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates

Although there’s a lot of really obscene and hateful rhetoric festering in various corners of Reddit, the so-called “front page of the internet” occasionally throws up something hilarious, and its yearly Secret Santa drive is one that doesn’t make you sigh with despair.

Reddit Secret Santa pairs up users who, like in regular secret Santa, exchange gifts with each other. With most users opting for anonymous display names, the “secret” element is pretty well taken care of, unless you get someone famous, like Snoop Dogg or Bill games, for example. And this is precisely what happened this year. Redditors /r/Aerrix and /r/queenoftitsandwine received gifts from the Microsoft CEO and the west coast rap mogul respectively.Reddit Users Got Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts from Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates

Aerrix received the following from Bill Gates:

– Custom Zelda mittens for Alicia and her dog
– A Zelda blanket
– A paper replica of a sword from Skyward Sword
– Three DVDs: The End of the Tour, Believe, and The Martian
– A cookbook
– An Xbox One Minecraft Edition with three controllers and several games
– An NES Classic
– A donation to in Alicia’s name
– A Photoshopped version of her profile picture with him in it, in a Zelda frame
– A pair of Harry Potter Ravenclaw slippers

The presents received by queenoftitsandwine, meanwhile, pale in comparison. Snoop merely sent through a drone, tea, a candle, socks, an “I Became a Snoop Dogg Millionaire” shirt, and a pair of Snoop Dogg–branded slippers. Let’s hope she loves Snoop as much as he appears to love himself.

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