NYC’s 10 best restaurants of 2016

The year had its shining moments—New York dining, for one, was a particularly lustrous thing in 2016, gifting us a delicious Detroit alternative to New York pizza, a new fine-dining addition to the pantheon of great Indian restaurants and a much-needed dose of comfort-food dishes. Le Coucou to Lilia and everywhere notable in between—these are New York’s best restaurants of the year.

NYC's 10 best restaurants of 2016

  1. Le Coucou Little Italy

  2. Olmsted Prospect Heights

  3. Aska Williamsburg

  4. Lilia Williamsburg

  5. Mr. Donahue’s Nolita

  6. Agern Midtown East

  7. Pasquale Jones Nolita

  8. Indian Accent Midtown West

  9. Emmy Squared Williamsburg

  10. High Street on Hudson West Village