BAPE 2017 “HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG” Collection

To start the new year off, BAPE is set to release a 2017 “HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG” collection. The collection features a shoulder bag and two backpacks that all feature a heavy nylon construction along with the iconic “A BATHING APE,” “BAPE” and “BABY MILO” motifs. But what is special about the bags is what they contain, as they hold a random assortment of jackets, hoodies, sweaters, T-shirt and pants allowing customers to acquire pieces at a discounted price. Priced at ¥39,800 JPY (approximately $340 USD), ¥19,800 JPY (approximately $170 USD) and ¥16,800 JPY (approximately $145 USD) respectively, BAPE’s 2017 “HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG” collection will be available New Year’s Day at BAPE stores worldwide.BAPE 2017 "HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG" Collection