Leica Reveals M10

Leica is rewarding patient M series fans with a brand new camera, the M10. Featuring an all-new image sensor, processor and wireless connectivity, shooters will notice that although the streamlined design exudes modern aesthetics, it also harkens back to its roots. This is a camera dedicated to photography, it has no video features.

The M10 will echo its analog past by featuring the same dimensions as the M7 and becomes the first interchangeable lens digital rangefinder in the German company’s storied history to do so. A brass and magnesium construction is finished off with a matte coat and although there is no “M” badge on the front, the classic red Leica dot is placed front and center where enthusiasts have come to expect it.

Configured for simplicity and accessibility, the rear button grouping has three buttons to the left of the display (LV, PLAY, MENU) with a four-way directional pad on the right and a dedicated ISO dial on the top left side of the camera. With a new 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, photographers can shoot in an ISO range of 100 – 50,000. The new Leica Maestro II image processor lets the camera shoot at five frames per second up to 30 DNG RAW files or 100 JPEG images at full resolution.

With a battery that will last for “a few hundred frames per charge,” enthusiasts will have plenty of juice for all occasions. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a first for the M series, gives shooters the ability to remotely control their camera from a smartphone or tablet with Leica’s iOS app (an Android version is in the works). In addition to cases and holsters, Leica will also sell their own thumb grip for the first time.

Addressing the complete video function removal, Leica said, “By removing video recording from the M10 and simplifying its controls and feature set, Leica is speaking directly to the M aficionados that want as pure of a shooting experience as possible.”

This handmade masterpiece will sell for $6,595 USD and is available in limited quantities here starting tomorrow.