Gucci Reveals 2,500-Square-Foot Outdoor Mural

While Gucci’s brand name is most often associated with their luxury clothing line, over the past years they’ve also built a name for themselves in the realm of art; take their “4 Rooms” collaborative art project for instance.

Following that up, Gucci’s latest art project features a partnership with Colossal Media, a leader in hand-painted outdoor advertising. The project encompasses a large-scale mural in New York City, spanning 2,500 square feet. Launching with artwork from San Francisco-based illustrator Jayde Fish, the wall will also be home to a variety of other collaborations as the year progresses.

Additionally, in celebration of the wall, a Snapchat filter created by Fish will be available in the vicinity of the artwork.

The wall will officially launch February 7 at Lafayette Street, between Prince and Spring. Collaborations will be ongoing until March 31; be sure to check it out if you’re in the NYC area.