Supreme Shows Its Upcoming NYC Subway MetroCard

Now that rumors have been squashed about Supreme being purchased by LVMH for $500 million USD, we can all come back to news that is definitely factual. With that said, it is indeed a fact that Supreme did drop a teaser vid for its upcoming 2017 spring/summer collection on Instagram.Supreme Shows Its Upcoming NYC Subway MetroCard

Part of that season’s release should be the branded New York subway MetroCard that has been circulated around social media platforms. So for those looking to own the card, well, here it is — the vid shows us the commuter essential in action being slid through the turnstile. The clip, captioned as “South Ferry,” also shows us a teen wearing a Supreme backpack exploring the cavernous environments of New York’s subway system. With this teaser, we can anticipate some more 2017 spring/summer previews coming out soon.

Take a look at the video below, and in the meantime, catch our post about brands started by Supreme affiliates.