Chopstars Mix ‘Moonlight’ With DJ Screw for ‘Purple Moonlight’

To celebrate the achievements of the Academy Award-winning movie Moonlight, the Chopstars producer-DJs that cook up DJ Screw-indebted “Chopped Not Slopped” productions have unveiled another one of their signature creations based on the Barry Jenkins film. Cutting up and crafting something new out of the original soundtrack for Moonlight, The Chopstars serve up a 21-track “Chopped Not Slopped” piece fittingly-titled Purple Moonlight. As revealed in a Pitchfork interview from last year, Barry Jenkins himself is also a fan of the classic “chopped and screwed” style — the script behind the play that Moonlight is based on even calls for a live soundtrack that sounds like “Erykah Badu Chopped and Screwed.”Chopstars Mix 'Moonlight' With DJ Screw for 'Purple Moonlight'

You can check out The Chopstars’ “Chopped Not Slopped” spin on the Moonlight soundtrack below.’

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