Artist Nathaniel Jones and The Quiet Life – “Vase”

After dropping the “WHAT HAPPENED” capsule with Andy Jenkins, The Quiet Life now releases the “Vase” capsule with UK artist Nathaniel Jones. Inspired by ancient Greek vases and urns, the collection features prints and patterns with these designs juxtaposed with cameras and skateboards, reflecting “Modern Living.” Included in the selection of garbs are a cotton canvas jacket in two colors lined with Nathaniel’s custom print, a duo of hats, two pairs of pants, a short-sleeve button-down, long-sleeve shirts and short-sleeve T-shirts in an assortment of vibrant colors.

Pricing for the collection ranges from $25 USD to $150 USD and is available at select retailers and You can also shop additional The Quiet Life looks on HBX.

Artist Nathaniel Jones and The Quiet Life - "Vase"